A job description template will guide employers as to what information a job description must contain. It also guides employees as to the questions to ask about a job. Below is a sample job description template, but you might also what to use a job description sample to save even more time.

Job profile

The job profile is basically a brief description of the job and is very important in the job description template. It contains information about:

  • The name of the company offering the job. Some companies may not want to give their names for some reasons and may simply state the sector of the company. For example: a renowned IT company, an insurance company, a reputable bank and so on.
  • The nature of the job, whether it requires a lot of traveling or long hours of duty or any other information may be helpful. This section can state whether the job is full time or a part time job.
  • Location of the job; that is city and suburb is also important. This will inform prospective employees how far they would have to travel in case they are working on this job.
  • Salary and other benefits for the position can also be stated under this section.

Duties and responsibilities

There should be a statement of the roles the candidate is expected to play in the job description template. This guides the candidate as to what is expected of him on the job.

  • State what management requirements are expected of the employee
  • State any targets that are expected to be met by the employee.
  • Individual and corporate objectives that need to be fulfilled by the candidate must also be stated. These could be career advancement or improvement in some service in the company.
  • Level of supervision must also be stated. Jobs with little supervision may require candidates with good problem solving ability.
  • Working conditions (whether it will require working at odd hours) can be stated here.



Any form of education required for the position should be stated hear.

  • Minimum level of formal education
  • Other professional qualifications
  • Seminars and trainings attended

Skills and knowledge

These are a description of qualities an attributes of the preferred candidate. These qualities can include the following:

  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving and analytical ability
  • Communication skills
  • Networking skills



Experience required for the job can be stated here

  • Years of experience
  • Field of experience
  • Level of experience (eg. Management)

Other Qualifications

For this some jobs, aside from normal qualifications, other requirements are also stated. This is mostly the case for factory and production jobs.

  • Minimum height requirements: This is mostly the case for enlisting in the police force or the army. Modeling jobs also need a minimum height to enlist.
  • Weight requirements: this is important for jobs that require lifting of heavy equipment.
  • Physical fitness: this is required for jobs that are highly stressful.

This job description template can help develop a comprehensive job description for your company, you can also use a job description samples to help you understand what goes in each section. It is also important that every job has a well documented description. This alerts prospective employees of what is expected of them on the job and will inform their decision as to if they can do it. It also guides people already on the job what they are supposed to do, leading to increased productivity. They can also make certain demands on management regarding salaries and conditions of service.

Management can also use a job description to select a candidate for a particular position and to measure an employee’s performance. The can also determine how much to pay on a particular position, judging from the responsibilities assigned.

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Job Description Template

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